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B2B Customer Experience Mapping & Channel Strategy Framework

The O'Castle GroupB2B Customer Experience Mapping & Channel Strategy Framework

B2B Customer Experience Mapping & Channel Strategy Framework

Global Marketing Leadership

Broadening your value proposition enables your sales and marketing teams to establish a deeper relationship with your customers, and long term impact on your business.  The challenge for most organizations, is the commitment to the change required across all key stakeholders within the organization, in order to successfully establish and sustain the broadened value proposition.


Establishing a B2B Customer Experience Map & Channel Strategy Framework is a transformational and high impact exercise that requires quantitative and qualitative customer needs research, which is used to shape a step by step journey that maps out the customers considerations across each stage of the journey your organization aims to take them on.  These considerations are broken down by segment, and the channel strategy that is layered into the framework maps out the content, tools and communications that should be used within each stage of the journey organized by campaign channel (i.e. paid media, PR, outside sales, social etc.).


Your B2B customers are always on, they are always selling, they do not think in terms of product launches and yearly cycles, their issues are changing week to week and month to month.  To truly partner with customers we need to be talking about how your products and services solve their problems.


Businesses are made up of multiple people each matching a segmented group of personality and action traits.  Small town vs. Large City business types, Owner vs. Front Office stakeholder types, Large Retail vs. Small Retail… consideration of the challenges and considerations of each of these stakeholders and business types matters a great deal if you aim to significantly improve your business performance.


The O'Castle Group
December 13, 2022