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Accelerate pipeline velocity by aligning marketing and sales around a process that strategically targets and addresses buyer group member needs, at each point in the buyer journey.


B2B buying decisions are typically made in buying groups of 5-10 individuals, each coming to the table with their own independently gathered information that needs to de-conflict to enable a smooth decision.  To add to the challenge, the solutions available within the market are constantly expanding with new and emerging services, technology and suppliers.


Companies that use ABX become
67% better at closing deals*

*According to a joint Marketo and Reachforce study


Enabling your marketing and sales teams to act as one cohesive unit, that understands and delivers a consistent message and value offering directly aligned to the problem each member of the buying group is trying to solve, accelerates revenue growth.

Identify Companies and Buying Circle Contacts In-Market for Your Solutions

Identifying companies that are in market for your solution is critical in todays ever changing business landscape, as it allows you to focus your efforts and resources on potential customers who are actively seeking your solution to their problems.


Our process includes conducting thorough research, delivering insights into the pain points, goals, and potential risks companies that are in market for your solutions have, enabling you to tailor your messaging to address their specific needs. This targeted approach demonstrates that you comprehend their unique circumstances and positions your solution as the ideal fix for their problem. By aligning your messaging with their vision, problem, and risk, you increase the likelihood of resonating with the company and positioning yourself as a trusted partner capable of providing the solutions they seek.

Design & Execute a Coordinated Sales & Marketing Communications Plan

By designing a communications playbook that aligns sales and marketing outreach, companies can foster trust, facilitate communication, and streamline the decision-making process within buying circles. This ultimately increases the likelihood of achieving consensus and driving successful outcomes.


Our process guides your organization to an understanding of the dynamics of the buying circle and identifying key decision-makers and influencers. The playbook then outlines tailored messaging and content that addresses the unique needs and concerns of each individual. It provides a framework for sales and marketing teams to collaborate and align their efforts, ensuring that all members of the buying circle receive consistent information and experiences.

Track Buying Journey Progress & Adjust Communications to Accelerate Decisions

Tracking the progress of Buying Circle contacts throughout the Buying Journey and adjusting communications accordingly is crucial for maximizing the probability of a favorable buying decision, especially in large value opportunities. By monitoring each contact’s position in the journey, sales and marketing teams can tailor their communication strategies to effectively address their specific needs and concerns.


Our tracking process enables sales and marketing alignment, enhancing their ability to identify where contacts may be experiencing obstacles or showing hesitations, allowing them to intervene with personalized messaging or support. By staying attuned to individual positions, teams can provide the right information, overcome objections, and nurture relationships with the buying circle members.

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