Advertising Media Planning & Buying

Leverage our proven frameworks - guided by our Fractional Executives and Professionals - to secure the best media placements and maximize your advertising impact with competitive rates and strategic insights.

Our Solution

Global Media Buying Experts

In today's dynamic and competitive market, hiring a Fractional Media Buying Executive is crucial for businesses aiming to maximize their advertising impact while optimizing costs.

O'Castle's Global Media Buying solution offers access to top-tier expertise without the overhead of a full-time executive. Our Fractional Media Buying Executives bring extensive industry experience and strategic insights, ensuring your media placements are not only cost-effective but also highly targeted and impactful. By leveraging their expertise, you can navigate the complexities of global, national and local media landscapes, stay ahead of market trends, and achieve superior ROI.

Types of Media

  • Traditional Media
    (Print & Billboards)
  • Digital Advertising
  • Broadcast Media
  • Streaming TV Advertising

Team Members Included

  • Fractional Media Buyer
  • Complimentary Design Team
Program Highlights

The Ultimate Media Buying Partner

Complete Catalogue of Media

Unlike other providers that focus on a single source of inventory, O’Castle sources media from all available media providers, giving you unbiased access to a complete inventory of available solutions.

Rapid Response Media Sourcing

You need to act fast when buying high-value media.  O’Castle provides a proactive solution, providing regular personalized availability reports; enabling you to stay informed and act fast on the media that hits the market.

Complimentary Graphic Design

When needed, O’Castle provides complimentary professional graphic design services, to maximize the performance of your investment.

Program Highlights

Market Research and Media Placement Planning

We conduct comprehensive research to identify the most effective media opportunities and channel placements, tailored to your target demographics and market segments. By leveraging advanced analytics and market insights, we provide you with a strategic edge, ensuring your media buys are optimized for maximum reach and engagement. 

Program Highlights

Complimentary Creative Services

When needed, O’Castle provides complimentary professional creative direction and graphic design services, developed by Fractional Executives with years of experience in your industry,  to maximize the performance of your investment.

Program Highlights

Media Selection and Purchasing Process

1.  Media Sourcing and Selection

Your O’Castle Fractional Media Buying Executive gathers key insights to understand the specific objectives of your media purchase, providing you with available options in an easy to navigate format.

2. Campaign Term Selection

Once you’ve found the media you would like to purchase, your Advisor will provide the available terms and pricing.  Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll work with your Advisor to complete an agreement of terms.

3.  Production & Placement

Once the Agreement has been completed, you can either provide your creatives for production, or leverage our complimentary Creative Services to complete your design.  Once finalized, your design will be installed on the media property for the duration of the term.

Program Highlights

Ongoing Support & Consultation

  • Our team provides ongoing support through regular check-ins and progress reviews, ensuring your campaign is achieving the results you've targeted.


  • We help you adapt your strategies to changing market conditions and emerging opportunities, ensuring continuous alignment with your goals.
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