Customer Experience Transformation

Project Description

Sonova, a leader in innovative hearing care solutions, faced challenges in maintaining a consistent and engaging customer experience (CX) across its marketing, sales and customer experience B2B touchpoints. With a tightening technology gap across the hearing medical technology sector, Sonova recognized the need to enhance its customer interactions to meet the evolving expectations of its B2B audience.

Project Specifics

  • Market Research
  • Experience Mapping
  • Channel Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Transformation
Customer Experience Transformation


The primary objective of the collaboration with our Fractional Executive was to revamp Sonova’s customer experience to be more cohesive and customer-centric, particularly focusing on:

  1. Enhancing the uniformity of customer need alignment quality across all touchpoints.
  2. Integrating value-based communications to improve customer interactions.
  3. Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty rates.
Customer Experience Transformation


O'Castle employed a systematic approach to transform Sonova's customer experience:

  1. Customer Journey Mapping: Conducted comprehensive research including surveys, interviews, and observation studies across various customer segments to map the existing customer journey. This process identified critical touchpoints and pain points in the customer interaction with Sonova products and services.

  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitated workshops with Sonova’s management, sales, marketing and customer service teams to align on customer-centric goals and foster a cohesive approach to customer experience.

  3. Data Analytics: Leveraged advanced analytics to understand customer behaviors and preferences, which informed the redesign of the customer journey.

  4. Value Added Service Integration: Recommended and helped implement cutting-edge value added programs, to create a more interactive and needs oriented customer experience.

  5. Pilot and Rollout: Initiated pilot projects in key markets to test the new customer experience strategy. After refining the approach based on pilot feedback, a global rollout was executed.

Customer Experience Transformation


The initiative led to significant improvements in Sonova’s customer experience metrics:

  • Customer Satisfaction: A 23% increase in customer satisfaction scores.
  • Customer Retention: Improvement in customer retention rates by 18%.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining of customer service processes reduced average handling times by 30%.
  • Sales Engagement: Higher engagement scores from sales teams interacting with customers due to better value added services and clearer processes.


O'Castle’s Customer Experience Mapping and Transformation initiative enabled Sonova to redefine its customer journey, integrating innovative digital solutions that enhanced service quality and efficiency. The initiative not only improved customer satisfaction and loyalty but also positioned Sonova as a forward-thinking leader in the audiology industry.

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